Acoustic East is a collective of musicians based in East Anglia. Each page of this website features a different group or solo musician. Although some individuals are members of more than one group, groups should be considered as separate entities.

Most members of the collective would describe themselves as playing folk music of some kind and have  all appeared at folk festivals and clubs in the area. However, the breadth and variety of the music they specialize in goes beyond the simple “folk” label and all that that implies.

The one thing that all members of the collective have in common is that they are excellent musicians and can be guaranteed to put on a good show, whether performing in the back room of a pub or the main stage of a prestigious festival. All also have a wealth of experience of playing music in public.

There is a limited amount of space on this website, but all members have provided links to their own websites or contact details where more information can be obtained.

Who’s in the collective?
Early Bird Studio
East Creek Union
Gwendal Moele & Paul Riley
Harbour Lights Trio

Holly Johnson
Hosepipe Band

Maggie and Stan
Matt Haines
Megan Wisdom
No Strings Attached
Paddy Butcher
Paul Riley
Phil Lyons
Proper English
Sound Tradition
Terence Blacker
The Harbour Lights Band
Tony Hall
Trio Saozon
Two Coats Colder

Acoustic East is a collective, collaborative organization, not an agency.  Each member is responsible for their own publicity and should be contacted individually for further information or to enquire about bookings.

In the future, it may be possible to organise evenings of music featuring several members of the Acoustic East collective.

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East Anglian Folk and Acoustic Music collective